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November 17, 2018

Holiday Raffle begins Misc Utilities – “A Few of My Favorite Things” – Dave Tip: ⌘, will bring up the Preferences menu for any Mac app. Amphetamine Unlox Tooth Fairy Itsycal – not a Mac App Store app. Tomato One

October 27, 2018

September 22, 2018

MacOS Mojave

August 25, 2018

iOS 12 – Marv Due next month Upper right corner swipe down for control center Group Notifications now stack by source Screen time shows your iOS usage and can set limits. Animoji including memoji Measure app. AR tool. Now includes

July 28, 2018

The annual picnic at Strongsville Historical Society takes the place of the regular monthly meeting. Thanks to everyone for the strong turn out at the picnic. Thanks to Carl for bringing and manning the grills, to Dave and Marty for

June 23, 2018


May 19, 2018

Tim demonstrated AR app Living Wine Labels by Treasury Wine Estates and the Eero home network system Member Q&A. Check out the course ‘iOS 11: iPhone and iPad Essential Training’ on AnyFont by Florian Schimanke

April 28, 2018

Mac Tips, Notes app. Board positions filled: Yvonne, Marty J., Tim S., Dennis D., Richard M., Gary and Dave. Note apps: Apple Notes Clear Todos Wunderlist   Meeting pictures taken by Dennis D.

March 24, 2018

Backups with SuperDuper! Health app Richard M. My Lawn app from Scott’s Tips, product suggestions, ask questions, Apple Support app Ask questions, lessons, Get Support, Account Meeting Pictures Board nominees: Yvonne, Marty J., Tim S., Dennis D., Richard M.,

February 24, 2018

High Sierra – a review of the latest version of MacOS. HomePod.