March 23, 2019


Board Nominations:Dennis Davis, Richard Masino, Marty Jencius, Tim Staub, Sam Pronesti, Gary Sherck, Yvonne Buehner, Ron Arndt

.Notes by Richard Masino

Larry Hrusosky’s presentation covered working with the Photos App on the Mac. Most of Larry’s talk consisted of tips from Larry and information from a website – Members got answers for creating, searching, and organizing their photos along with steps for photo books, calendars, and photo collections. Tech Talk America’s website has numerous instructional videos.
The second presentation was by Tim Staab on HomeKit and home automation. There were many suggestions and steps for a novice to get their feet wet.
Many thanks to both of our presenters.

II. The main raffle prize was won my our own Dennis Davis. The prize was a Power Bank 25000 mAH Battery Pack.

III. Board member elections will be coming up and NEOAC took nominations for the future election.